Arts-based Learning von Soft Skills

im Projektmanagement von Veranstaltungen

Prof. Dr. Berit Sandberg

Prof. Dr. Berit Sandberg
Prof. Dr. Berit Sandberg

Dr. Berit Sandberg has been Professor of Public Business Administration/Public and Nonprofit Management at HTW-Berlin – Economics and Law – since 2003 and has 18 publications on the relationship between art and business. She has conducted research as a partner in the IfaF project “Arts push Business (KUK)” on the topic of artist-enterprise cooperation and arts-based intervention.

Furthermore, she was or is involved in two erasmus+ projects “The Artist’s Glasses”, which explore the transfer of artistic competences into the management context and approaches of arts-based learning with different art genres. The interaction with partners in arts-based training approaches in the aforementioned research projects represents a significant body of experience that will be incorporated into the AL-Pro research project.

Their previous research on the significance of artist-company cooperation continues with AL-Pro, as a previously qualitatively recorded benefit of art-based training formats is to be quantitatively recorded with AL-Pro in the project management of events.

Selected Publications:

SaNdberg, Berit (2021)

Spielerisch aus der Krise: Projektmanagement mit künstlerischem Mindset. Projektmanagement Aktuell, 32. Jg., 2021, H. 3, S. 4-9, DOI: 10.24053/PM-2021-0041.

Sandberg, Berit (2019)

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Sandberg, Berit / Frick-Islitzer, Dagmar (2018)

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Sandberg, Berit (2018)

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Sandberg, Berit (2017)

Functions of intermediaries in arts-based cooperations, in: Arts and the Market, 7. Jg., 2017, H. 1, S. 13-31, DOI: 10.1108/AAM-06-2016-0007 EMERALD LITERATI AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE 2018 – HIGHLY COMMENDED PAPER

Baumgarth, Carsten / Sandberg, Berit (2016)

Handbuch Kunst-Unternehmens-Kooperationen, Bielefeld 2016 (Hrsg. zusammen mit Carsten Baumgarth